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Shenyang Holian Precision instrument Co.,Ltd
Shenyang HOlian Precision instrument co.,Ltd founded in 2017,is specialized production of oxygen generator accessories :Miniature solenoid valve for Portable Medical oxygen generator,4 Way 2 position Medical oxygen generator,3L to 10L Medical Oxygen Generator Solenoid Valve,Pressure regulator Assembly for oxygen concentrator,Pressure reducing Assembly for oxygen concentrator,Pinhole flowmeter of oxygen concentraror,Pinhole flowmeter of Medical oxygen concentrator,5L flowmeter for oxygen concentrator,Special firesafe Valve for oxygen concentrator,Firesafe Cannula Valve Oxygen Supply Tubing Connector,Oxygen primary filter,Medical Grade Filter,Check valve (material PA6),Check valve (material ABS),Oxygen generator accessories Molecular sieve tank head,Oxygen Concentrator Accessories Air Filters,Oxygen Concentrator Accessories NPT1/8-∅8 Connector,Oxygen Concentrator Accessories NPT1/8-∅10 Connector,Oxygen Concentrator Accessories 3 way Nozzle,Oxygen Concentrator Accessories 90° Nozzle,Mold manufacturing and i jection molding
Shenyang Holian Precision instrument  Co.,Ltd